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local forces and fema. >> even though it's miles and miles away there are grandmothers, grandfathers, moms, dads, children who are really going to have a tough couple weeks here after the storm passes. >> nothing that feels better than going out there and being where people need help and seeing the look on their faces when you rescue them and bring them back to safety. >> the white house says its top priority to make sure all available resources are provided to state and local responders as quickly as possible. >>> president obama approved major disaster declarations for new jersey, new york, coastal area of new jersey badden beaten. that's where we -- badly beaten. that's where we find fox correspondent craig boswell tonight. >> reporter: the rains have stopped, but the effect of sandy still continue this evening. roads into atlantic city remained shut down tonight. in fact, i'll show you there's state police on every roadway going into atlantic city. they're turning families away saying you can't get in until tomorrow. there's debris basically on every road. some families are very
raton and fox 5 is debuting a new show. i will bring you fox 5 news edge and that is focusing on local and final candidate -- local and national issues. tom fitzgerald has more from the show and has more on what we can expect. >> reporter: we're here with 15 days left on this election. we're in a situation of an embarrassment of riches, despite all of the news we bring you every day at this critical juncture in this elect, frankly and there is more political news we can bring you. the idea is simp. over the next 15 days what, we created for folks is going to be a one-stop shopping that is going on right now. we're going to cover the presidential election like no other. by the time you finish with us, you will know where they were, why they were in that place and what exactly it was that they said. we're also going to check in on theocations of all of the campaign served los angeles. e presidential candidate and the focus here at home and we have a lot of elections in our area as well. we have the senate race in virginia and maryland. and, of course, we have a pledge the ora of oral lit
approaches. fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. starts next monday here on fox 5. and. >>> the breakdown of security at the u.s. consulate in libya. four americans, including the u.s. ambassador were killed in what is being called a terrorist attack. secretary of state hillary clinton said she's responsible, not the president, for providing adequate security at all u.s. diplomatic missions. >> i'm responsible for the state department, for the more than 60,000 people around the world and the decision is made by security professionals. >> she's taking the blame to take the heat off of her boss president obama in the closing days of the election. clinton said the attack is still under investigation. >>> and developing news from britain, the police questioned two men who tried to visit the pakistani teenager in the hospital. she's recovering from the gun shot wound in the head. the taliban admitted they targeted her and she was targeted again. she was flown to britain to receive supplied treatment.
this evening at 6:30, fox 5 news edge you decide 2012, focuses on local and national candidates on the issues during the of the campaign. i will be your host and with tom fitzgerald. the political analyst mark plotkin. >>> the news edge on maryland today. gallaudet university getting hit with heavy criticism from both sides of the gay marriage debay. after the university suspended the chief diversity officer for signing a petition to put the issue before maryland voters today, dozens of activists from both sides gathered at school entrances in northeast and outraged at the school's decision to suspend angela mccaskill. >> she has a right under the u.s. constitution to sign any petition anywhere in the country and not get punished for it. >> all she did was to exercise her right you were the maryland state constitution and to exer as the -- exercise the civic duty and that is a major injustice, we believe. >> and in a statement, the university said she is suspended with pay and they're talking with lawyers and student groups about the situation. >>> hurricane sandy threatening to tear through
administrator -- to support local and state responders. >> coming up at 6:30 tonight, fox 5 news as you decide 2012 focuses on both national candidates and issues during these final two weeks of the campaign. >>> a news alert from nevada, senate majority leader harry reid is in a las vegas hospital after his motorcade was involved in an accident. happened late this afternoon. spokesman says six vehicles were involved in the chain reaction crash involving four vehics in reid's caravan. right now no word on his condition. we are told his injuries are nonlife threatening. >>> much more straight ahead here on the news edge. lindsay, what's going on in sports? >> coming up, london fletcher's health, and the redskins, their defense talks about the challenge of facing big ben. those stories later in sports as the news edge at 6:00 continues. inues.  >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00.   >>> join us monday morning starting at 4:00 a.m. for all your team coverage. >> fox 5 morning news, the best thing first thing in the morning. mitt romney: do i believe th
for a local charity. local charity understands -- the nfl understands the severe repercussions. the qb, robert griffin 3, felt good today as he passes the neurological elects and with that non-contact practice on wednesday and do not rule out a concern. the injury took place yesterday. and had the by shawn width or spoon. mike shanahan would like to see griffin go earlier next time to avoid the pushing hit. the league is taking a closer look at the information released during the game about the injury. the question the nfl has is whether the words shaken up meets the requirement of being accurate and timely, injury information. and this is how shanahan knew something was wrong with the qb. >> robert said he's fine andied no, you not fine. your eyes look glasses. the doctors talked to him and he knew the quarter and the score. they took him into the box behind the bench. asked him again what was the quarter and the score. and the second time he missed it, the first time he got it. and that is come he took him into the locker room and administered the test and that is when they decided that he h
will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign that starts monday night at 6:30 p.m. on fox 5. >>> and tougher gun has could be an issue for the -- gun laws could be an issue for the next president. the number of federally licensed retail gun dealers is on the rise. ahead of president obama's 2008 win, fears of a democratic president issuing stricter gun control led to an initial spike in sales. at the time, the dealers saw some of the highest profit margins. antigun rights advocates say lobbyists are trying to make voters handle they're running out of time to have the right to bear arms. >> the fact that he had done nothing to take away people's guns in his first term and that is evident why he's going to do that in the second term. >> won't to make sure we have it taken care of before they pull the plug on it. >> and the federal government said that -- successful and legally recognized the gun. >>> and the officer who died in an offduty car crash was not wearing a seatbelt. the prince georges police was speeding. fox 5s john henrehan is wor
way to get these? >> go to the local post office, they are on sale or our website. >> reporter: and if you want all of them, there is the earth scapes puzzle with 500 pieces and you get all of them. a fun family activity. trust me, i've been working on it. i won't show you how far i've come. holly morris, fox 5 news. >> my dad was such a tamp collector as a kid. >> his collection? >> he still has it. he said some day you are going to have a stamp collection. not for him to leave but to have a stamp collection. >> anyone who has tickets to the game tonight at nats park should not worry but be prepared for light rain. nothing heavy enough to cancel the game or put it on any kind of big delay. but you can see our drops of rain on the tower cam as we are looking out live. and scott just reported to us that it wasn't as wet right at the moment as it had been a little bit ago. so there are going to be passing showers coming through. we want you to see the s what m little bit ago. so definitely spotty. it will amount to a few 100s. not enough to cause puddles on the field but enough t
, or work, e-mail us and go to and we'll post them. >>> a local university in the middle of the same sex debate. this is after accusations of an employee being fired or put on leave and voicing her opinion. >>> and this gorgeous weather didn't help one bit. >> and i think they would like it cooler, will. and we'll deliver that and a win against the cardinals. sorry, cardinals fans. we'll be bouncing back and have your forecast for the game and a look at the weekend in a couple of minutes. will. >> thank you, sue. >>> and if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line. this is the number: 202-895- 3,000 better yet, layiate -- lay it all out in an e mail and we'll check things out. send your tips to [ female announcer ] it's one of the hardest decisions a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families w
. >> reporter: the locals are calling it the thrill in theville, as in danville, kentucky. more than a side show but not critical as the presidential debate. tonight's biden-ryan faceoff could help sway a few voters, when, in some places, everyone counts. vice president joe biden arriving in kentucky this afternoon now three hours until his one and only debate, with congressman paul ryan. mitt romney's running mate keeping a low public profile. here he is out for coffee. >> joe biden's been on the stage many times before. this is my first time. sure, it's a nervous situation. >> reporter: during their 90- minute debate, they will be sitting at a table at center cool them danville, covering domestic and foreign policy issues, leaving delaware this morning, the vice president seemed upbeat. >> and i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: he promised an aggressive performance. >> reporter: paul ryan is the intellectual leader of the republican party, according to mitt romney and all we're asking for is an honest conversation of what the impact of the policies will be and that is the vice president's
in their local communities. >> they hope to get the message across with undecided voters. >> in the early day, we had rallies and that is to show americans that we were here and many of us feel the same. to. >> to turn things around, you have to take the approach. >> they say the movement is growing and believe their message remained the same. >>> and we'll go to some issues like those on our new show, stay with us at 6:30 right up to the news edge at 6. >>> very, very nice today, temperatures made it to the low 80s, and plenty of sunshine this afternoon and you can see the colors to the west of us and this is in the city before and at peak. we cool back down. 75 degrees and here in the city, gaithersburg, 72; fredericksburg, 75; culpeper, 72 degrees; winchester, 70; martinsburg, 71 and that is a great evening. nice at 7:00, 11:00, and as temperatures drop through the 70s and into the upper 60s and we're talking about the lower 60s here in town and overnight tonight and what we have to talk about is hurricane sandy. the winds over hurricane strength to 80 miles an hour and that is making her a ca
as election day approaches and is that is fox 5 news edge 2012, will focus on local and national candidates and issues. starts next monday on fox 5 at 6:30 p.m. >>> the edge on virginia, the final stage is tonight. the former democratic governor tim kaine faces off against george allen. they debated twice already. many of the same issues like sequestration and abortion are expected to be discussed. >>> another big story, the boy scouts are releasing thousands of confidential files to the public. they reveal on many instances, suspected pedophiles were shielded by authorities who helped cover up the abuse allegations. >> reporter: as children growing up, brothers matt and tom stewart say their scout leader repeatedly molested them. >> this is where i was sexually abused by my scout leader on numerous occasions when we would come here for campouts as a boy. >> i was molested every month of every year interest the age of 6 all the way through the age of 18. >> reporter: the brothers sued the scouts a decade ago and agreed to the settlement. do you to a statute of limitations, their abuser was
, fox 5 news edge you decide 2012 focusing on both local and national candidates and issues during the final duoweeks of the campaign. tonight we're going to look at the last-minute media blitz by both president obama and governor romney. plus a debate on maryland's question 7, both sides of the gambling issue will join us live. i'll be your host and we will be joined by fox 5's political reporter tom fitzgerald and political analyst mark plot kin. >>> a news alert from the bay bridge. both sides of the bay bridge now finally open. after a tanker truck was leaking propane. it happened earlier this afternoon. both spans of the bridge initially closed. then the eastbound span opened about an hour ago. now both sides opened. police say they've removed the truck from route 50 but clean- up efforts are now underway. >>> the edge on maryland now where a manassas woman took police on a wild ride across two states that ended in montgomery county. the 27-year-old has been hospitalized after the afternoon long car chase and crash. paul wagner is live in rockville tonight. paul? >> reporter:
, pilots are calling in sick and a few engineers. canceling 31 flights a day. proving something local commuters already know. the d.c. area home to the most congested roadways. the nation's capital is number three across the nation. the tom tom is behind the study. d.c. ranks behind l.a. and san francisco. actually good news, because we have been number one for many years. d.c. commuters who drive 30 minutes to work spend an additional 80 hours a year in their cars because of congestion. >> somebody has been prank dialing the nypd, but not on purpose. the new york city emergency system received nearly 4 million accidental calls a year. the majority of those are butt dialing. people calling 911 from mobile phones in their pockets. >> that's horrible, because they can't tend to real emergencies. >> it's excessive and somebody needs to do something about the butt dialing. you know, it's a pry on society, obviously. >> a national report finds responders are finding it difficult to handle all the calls. they are required to stay on the phone, even if there is silence to find out if the
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14